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Frequently Asked Questions

PLEASE NOTE: The PA West Nile Virus Control Program is not a hospital or clinical facility; we do not see patients and are unable to diagnose your illness, provide treatment, prescribe medication, or refer you to specialists.

If you have a medical emergency, contacting the PA WNV Control Program is not the proper way to get immediate help. If you are a patient, please see your health care provider or the nearest emergency room. If you are a health care provider, please contact your state epidemiologist or local health department.

What is West Nile Virus (WNV)?

For information on West Nile Virus, please click here.

What is PA doing about WNV?

For information on what what PA is doing about WNV, please click here.

For information on who to contact about WNV surveillance in your county, please click here.

What can I do about WNV?

For information on what you can do to help control mosquitoes and WNV activity, please click here.

For information on insect repellent use and safety, please click here.

By law, ALL pesticides must be used according to the label instructions. Most mosquito larval control products can only be applied in areas where mosquitoes have been identified. If you are not sure that what you have is mosquito larvae, please contact your County West Nile Virus Coordinator for more information.

WNV and Humans

For information on WNV in humans, please click here.

For a list of WNV symptoms in humans, please click here.

WNV and Birds

For information on WNV in birds, please click here.

Please report ALL dead birds to the WNV surveillance program by clicking here. (Please report each bird one time)

Also, please see 'I Found a Dead Bird'.

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